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Harley vom Banach at 9 months.

Harley grows up, ready to start Schutzhund

Harley vom Banach at 9 months.

Harley vom Banach at 9 months.

Hi Julie,

Just wanted to thank you once again for our wonderful boy Harley. He just turned 9 months and we can’t begin to tell you how much we love and enjoy him. We can’t take him anywhere without people commenting on how handsome and well behaved he is. We feel so fortunate to have found such a responsible breeder that took the time to help us select the right puppy for us. We’ve done 2 basic obedience classes with him already and are now taking private lessons to refine his basic obedience before introducing him to schutzhund later this year. He’s incredibly smart and wants very much to please so he’s fun and easy to train. Thought you might like a recent photo so that you can see how much he looks like his mom Allie. We hope to see you later this year at the reunion.

Best regards,

Mike and Sue Thompson

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