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Ruby vom Banach: the dog Captain von Stephanitz envisioned

Hi Julie,

I love this dog! After owning American bloodline German Shepherds I know now that my expectations were gradually lowered- but now with Ruby I have a complete dog.

When I read this by Captain von Stephanitz I thought he could just as accurately been writing about Ruby.

“Horand embodied for the enthusiasts of that time fulfillment of their fondest dreams. He was big for that period, between 24″ and 24 1/2”, even for the present day a good medium size, with powerful frame, beautiful lines and a nobly formed head. Clean and sinewy in build, the entire dog was one live wire. His character was on a par with his exterior qualities; marvelous in his obedient fidelity to his master, and above all else the straight forward nature of a gentleman with a boundless zest for living.

Although untrained in puppyhood, never the less obedient to the slightest nod when at its masters side; but when left to himself, the maddest rascal, the wildest ruffian and incorrigible provoker of strife. Never idle, always on the go; well disposed to harmless people, but no cringer, mad about children and always in love. What could not have been the accomplishments of such a dog if we, at that time, had only had military or police service training? His faults were the failings of his upbringing, never of his stock. He suffered from a superfluity of unemployment energy, for he was in heaven when someone was occupied with him and was then the most tractable of dog”

When you introduced her to me I felt as though there was an instant connection. Now I better understand that she would have connected with anyone holding the ball, but even so as I got to know her better I had that comfortable, secure feeling you get when it’s though you’ve known someone for a long time.

I figured out where that feeling originates from; it comes from beliefs going back to my childhood as to what a great dog would be. Because I have held onto that notion for so long, I came to know that dog even if only in my mind.

So when that dog appeared before me with that slobbery ball in her mouth, it wasn’t our first meeting at all. Ruby claimed a place in my life in a natural; almost matter of fact way, like a puzzle piece placed where it belongs. In Ruby I have a dog that to be close will lie on the hard tile at my feet as I work at my desk, rather than on the soft dog bed a few feet away.

Warmest Regards,
Gary Fujioka Sr.

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