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Chili vom Banach loving life at 8

Posted: Oct. 5, 2013

Thanks so much, Julie. Chili is a wonderful part of our family and we love (and spoil) her very much! As you know, she turned 8 years old today. She’s a healthy and happy and very confident girl who loves to hike. It’s a good thing we live in Park City so she can get out on the trails most everyday. Her favorite time of year is snow season and her favorite sport is catching snowballs. She’s a great traveler, too. We’ve taken her with us on the road numerous times and she’s very easygoing, friendly and adventurous. She goes to wine tastings and explores new places with the confidence of a well-adjusted dog. She’s a great ambassador for the wonderful GSD breed. She is brave and smart and sweet, the perfect companion for us. I’m so happy we connected those years ago since Chili was obviously meant to be our dog. Thank you for being such a responsible and caring dog breeder.


Lynn, Tim & Chili Coulter

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