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Personal and Family Companion Dog

Companion Dogs Like No Other

The Vom Banach K9 German Shepherd is the ideal personal or family companion dog and protector. Devoted and loving, they adapt easily to an active family lifestyle and thrive in the home.

Knowledgeable dog owners will find that Vom Banach German Shepherds respond exceptionally well to training, housebreak quickly and easily, and adjust well to daily life with their humans. When grown, they are tireless partners on the trail and they play joyfully and will fetch and tug in the yard as long as you will.

They are natural athletes and eager swimmers when introduced to water correctly. They catch Frisbees, do tricks, and never fail to return the affection you share with them. They are instinctive, natural guardians and bond closely to their people.

Vom Banach K9 companion dogs are engaged, happy, obedient, and affectionate. One need only read the testimonials interspersed throughout the site, and view the pages on the various activities Vom Banach dog owners participate in to see how completely the Vom Banach dog can fit into your life. Are you a hiker? View a client video or read a client news post about Vom Banach dogs on the trail. Are you a swimmer? Vom Banach dogs love to swim with you!

Below is a gallery of Vom Banach dogs with their humans. Click on any image to enlarge it. Click the play button in the bottom left hand corner to view them all as a slideshow.