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Maile vom Banach trailing and HRD for Lane County SAR

Posted: Sep. 9, 2013


Maile vom Banach is 3 years old now and doing great! She is a trailing and HRD dog for Lane County SAR, having participated in numerous searches. We are a part of Pacific Northwest Search Dogs, a group started by our K9 SAR team. Maile is very active with a strong prey drive and loves her ball most of all. She is eager to please and easy to train. On her free time, Maile loves to help with the farm chores, comes along while we feed the horses and muck out stalls. She is tempted to play with the horses, but listens to voice commands to “Leave it” and has a solid recall. She always tries to get a game of fetch in between chores. She jumps in the car every chance she gets, as she just loves being a part of the family and going on adventures! (even if it’s to go pick up the kids at school!) She loves to play in our pond, taking a dip just for the fun of it. Maile has such a cute personality. Everyone that sees her is amazed at her beauty and spunky character. I can’t take a walk down the street without someone complimenting what a beautiful dog she is. Good breeding sure does make a difference!

Maile loves children! Last week, Maile visited my son’s preschool class and we did a presentation on Search and Rescue and what to do when you get lost. We read “Jayce Gets Lost” by Gaye Grabill, and the kids loved it. They all got individual pictures with Maile and she loved the attention! She was on her best behavior in school, all dressed up in her SAR gear. Some of the other classes saw us and now we have another request to go back tomorrow and present our material to the First Grade class. I couldn’t ask for a better dog!

- Amy Hisaoka

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