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Nothing stops Kaiser

Posted: May 10, 2013

Kaiser was born with a malformed tail which Julie and her vet determined best to remove at 3 days old. Unfortunate twist of fate in terms of his future bloodline (since we agreed to neuter him), but the early amputation has made his eyes/mannerisms/interactions to be uniquely expressive and special.

Julie named him “Nubbins” and to all his admirers in his first 8 weeks at the breeder – he’ll always be the super loving and affectionate “Nubs”. From the moment we picked Kaiser up at the Charlotte, NC airport at 8 weeks of age, he’s been the joy of our lives.

We prepared a learning schedule for him which carefully exposed Kaiser Vom Banach to stimuli and environments appropriate for his developmental stages. I had decided to be ALL BUSINESS with Kaiser when he arrived in our care. My wife wanted to just love him and enjoy his puppyhood. As it turned out, Ana has been his main trainer and disciplinarian – responsible for his responsive behavior and quick obedience. My cold, calculating plan broke down during the initial drive home from the airport when I removed him his travel crate and held him against my chest the whole way, caressing him as he intermittently slept, groggily yawned and looked up at me.

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