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Rio Continues Air Scent Specific Training

Posted Nov. 5, 2015

Hi Julie…. just checked the mail and thank you for the prompt sending of those AKC reg papers :) Also I wanted to let you know I took your advice at vet’s and had them xray her whole shoulder, elbows and legs on both legs and everything looked wonderful (thank God!!) All they could detect was a very faint darker smudge at the top of leg where she had winced when Dr was applying pressure.. the vet diagnosed it as “recovering from pano” yay!! So happy! They also xrayed both of her hips and he said they look beautiful! Indeed I have been running her really well this last week and the limp is gone.

I also want to thank you for being so helpful about Rio’s leg and getting back to me so promptly. Our head K9 lady in our county runs springer spaniels and she has a young pup too that has been having leg issues. When she contacted her breeder the breeder was completely unhelpful, defensive and just kept saying “that didn’t come from breeding” I told her of my experience with you and she was very impressed. Thank you!

I will let you know when Rio gets certified for air scent..(scent specific).


Suzie Porter
Big Lick Farm

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