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Vito living full, happy life exploring Colorado with loving owners

Posted: Nov. 26, 2013

Hi Julie, I just wanted to tell you that Ringo is doing well. He’s a great dog and travels all over the Western U.S. with my girlfriend and I. Everywhere we go people stop me and ask about him. He’s great with children and the elderly. I want to thank you for a wonderful dog.

He is the sweetest, most loyal dog you could ask for. I work from home every day, writing software, with Vito right at my feet or elsewhere in my office or out on the deck where he keeps vigil on the deer that frequent us daily. We almost NEVER go anywhere without him.

At the car dealership on Monday, leasing a new car for my daughter, he is right there with us all the way. Out for dinner; we try to pick restaurants that are pet friendly when we can; which is often the case here in the Colorado mountains.

He is very socialized and always a joy in all of these situations. And we never get tired of how many times someone has to stop us, ask to pet Vito, and rave about just how beautiful and well-behaved he is.

Weekends, we try to explore different parts of Colorado (as in the photo attached) and he is always there exploring with us. He has the entire back-end of our Expedition all to himself. We only stay at places that allow pets.

Take care. p.s. attached is another picture of a recent week long backpacking trip, where he carries his own backpack with food, in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. I am in the foreground with a buddy of mine behind me; up at 11,800 ft elevation!

Jeff and Connie


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