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Tia vom Banach: Conservation Detection Dog

Congratulations to Vom Banach K9 client Alice Whitelaw of  Working Dogs for Conservation in your continued success with Tia in your wildlife conservation detection program! Tia is a Conservation Detection Dog trained to searching for invasive snails in Hawaii, kit fox scat in California and emerald ash borer in Minnesota.

From their website: 

Selected for their ability and willingness to work, and, with training, to maintain focus when subjected to a variety of stressful or tempting distractions, WDC dogs are trained using methods developed from narcotic, forensic, and search and rescue techniques. WDC trainers condition dogs to associate the odor of a target object with a highly-prized reward. Initially, dogs are chosen for their intense focus on a toy or food that is subsequently used as a reward. Selected dogs are at least one year old, have a balance of proper hunt and prey drives, easily adapt to new environments and distractions and are willing to work intimately with their handlers.

We look for extremely high energy dogs that have an obsessive play drive and an unrelenting toy focus, making these dogs difficult, if not impossible, to keep in a family home. In fact, many of the dogs used for conservation work by WDC are rescued from shelters. As such, we work to educate shelter staff on the characteristics WDC needs in a dog as an important first step in the labor-intensive process of assessing, training and eventually putting a dog to work.

Photos courtesy of Working Dogs For Conservation. To read more about the Working Dogs for Conservation program please visit their website at www.workingdogsforconservation.org

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VB K9Webmaster Note: I visited their website and saw that I could support WDC by signing up at igive.com and selecting them, and a percentages of my purchases goes into their fund. There are over 1,000 retailers that are part of the program including Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Petco, REI, and many more. It’s easy to sign up and install the igive button in your browser, then just like that you’re helping Tia and her four-legged friends. It costs you nothing – the retailer takes a little less.

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