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Lyra vom Banach

Lyra vom Banach loves tracking and detection


Gorgeous Lyra  vom Banach is an Irvin Skocicka samota x Kiara von der Staatsmacht daughter.

Gorgeous and super obedient Lyra vom Banach is an Irvin x Kiara daughter.

Hi Julie,

I hope this note finds you and your family well. I just wanted to give you a quick update on Lyra.

It is hard to believe but Lyra will be one year old in just a couple of weeks. She is a fabulous dog – everything I asked for and more! I cannot believe how lucky I am to have her. I am very grateful for the effort you put into selecting her for me. Thanks to your knowledge and experience, I have exactly the right dog for me. She LOVES to work, is great with dogs and people, and is very intelligent.

On top of those qualities, she has a loving, sweet temperament, is outgoing, and is gorgeous. I regularly receive compliments on her temperament, her working ability, and her looks.

She goes to an excellent doggy daycare once a week to ensure she continues to get lots of socialization. I have received nothing but positive reports about her doggy diplomatic skills. We continue to attend weekly competitive obedience classes so that she learns to work around other dogs and we continue to have privates with my coach.

Lyra’s tracking and detection training is going very well although my arms are probably a bit longer from her enthusiastic tracking! She loves to run at our farm but is immediately response to the whistle. We have taken a couple of clinics and I plan to attend several more training seminars this year with her. When she isn’t working, Lyra is perfectly happy to relax quietly – she definitely has an on/off switch.

Thank you very much, Julie, for this wonderful dog. Training her is a joy. Living with her is a pleasure. I wish you continued success in your breeding program.


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